Purpose: Configure RADIUS settings for user authentication.

Location: Administration > USER AUTHENTICATION > RADIUS Settings > General Settings

  1. Configure the RADIUS settings by specifying the Primary RADIUS server, Port, and Secret.
  2. Click Test Connection to verify the connection to the RADIUS server.
  3. Click Test User Credentials to test RADIUS server authentication ability. Specify the username and password in RADIUS server and click Test.
    Note: After clicking the Test Connection button, the system will use the automatically-selected gateway to test the connection. If you are to select a specific gateway, choose from the dropdown list beside Choose a gateway to test.
  4. Configure Secondary RAIUDS server (optional).
  5. Specify the RADIUS mapping attribute (Vendor-Specific/Filter-Id).

    If you select the Vendor-Specific option, you must configure TrendMicro code (6101) as vendor code in the RADIUS server.

  6. Click Save.