To ensure up-to-date protection against the latest risks, there are several pattern files components you can update. These files contain the binary "signatures" or patterns of known security risks. Cloud Edge uses them to detect known risks as they pass through the Internet gateway. New virus pattern files are typically released at the rate of several per week, while the protocol and IPS pattern files are updated less frequently.

The effectiveness of Cloud Edge depends upon using the latest pattern files. Signature-based virus scanning works by comparing the binary patterns of scanned files against binary patterns of known risks in the pattern files. Trend Micro frequently releases new versions of the virus pattern and spyware pattern in response to newly identified risks. Similarly, new versions of the Phish pattern are released as new phishing URLs are identified.

Cloud Edge uses ActiveUpdate, the Trend Micro utility that enables on-demand or background updates to the virus pattern file and scan engine, spyware or grayware pattern files. ActiveUpdate is a service common to many Trend Micro products. ActiveUpdate connects to the Trend Micro Internet update server to enable downloads of the latest pattern files and engines. ActiveUpdate does not interrupt network services, or require endpoints to restart. Updates are available on a regularly scheduled interval or on demand.