Monitor web activities in your network with the dashboard.


  1. Go to Dashboard.
  2. View widgets.
    The time displayed on widgets is subject to the time zone of your organization as registered on the Customer Licensing Portal page. To change the time zone, go to the Customer Licensing Portal at
    You can select a time period for viewing the widgets. For details about what the time periods mean, see Time Measurements.
    You can configure the number of top "x" items to display.
    Top Application Categories
    Shows the categories of applications most frequently used across all locations, such as web-based mail applications, client applications (such as Yahoo Messenger), or a web 2.0 site (such as Facebook).
    Top Botnets
    Shows the most frequent botnets detected.
    Top Malware
    Shows the most frequent malware detected.
    Top URL Categories
    Shows the categories of URLs most frequently visited across all locations.
    Overall Traffic
    Shows the total amount of traffic processed without regard to geographic location.
    Detections by Virtual Analyzer
    Shows the total number of detections based on the suspicious objects obtained from the Cloud Virtual Analyzer, Trend Micro Apex Central, and Trend Micro Deep Discovery Analyzer (for on-premises gateway only).
    Traffic by Department
    Shows all the web traffic by department.
    Traffic by Location
    Shows all the web traffic by location.
    Top Ransomware Domains
    Shows the domains with the most ransomware detected.
    Top Users by Traffic
    Shows the users that generated the most network traffic.
    Detections by Predictive Machine Learning
    Shows the total number of suspicious executable files detected by Predictive Machine Learning.
  3. Manage the tabs and widgets. For details, see General Dashboard Tasks.