Simple, Quick, Cost-Effective Solution

Trend Micro understands how important it is to safeguard your network and to stop threats at the gateway before they get to your endpoints. Trend Micro Web Security (TMWS) provides a flexible solution that leverages the Trend Micro expert cloud technology and combines it with the power of an on-premises software appliance.
As a cloud-based solution, TMWS enables you to focus on strategic security, such as policy and architecture, rather than on the operational tasks of managing network infrastructure. As an on-premises software appliance, TMWS gives you the option of deploying an on-premises gateway at the head office or other crucial endpoints for granular application control.
TMWS can protect a computer or mobile device. Using the TMWS Agent app, TMWS can protect iOS/iPadOS-based and Android-based mobile devices.
TMWS is proxy based, requiring web traffic to be forwarded to the TMWS proxy server for the service. It does not scan the traffic from desktop or mobile applications that do not support traffic transfer through a proxy.

Our Solution Will Help You

  • Monitor and analyze web traffic status and network threats by using the dashboard, log, and report features
  • Authenticate user accounts of different types by using various advanced authentication methods
  • Enforce security and access policies both on the cloud and on the premises of your organization to accommodate multiple usage scenarios
  • Allocate appropriate bandwidth resources for critical traffic to control communications and reduce network congestion by using bandwidth control rules on on-premises gateways
  • Decrypt and inspect encrypted content, and manage digital certificates by using the HTTPS inspection feature
  • Integrate with popular search engines and online services, such as Bing and YouTube, to leverage their Search Safety feature
  • Detect web security risks and control access to Internet applications, as well as predefined and customized URLs, in specified content types by using cloud access rules
  • Inspect and detect unknown threats and suspicious objects with the help of Predictive Machine Learning and Cloud Virtual Analyzer
  • Facilitate a more user friendly experience by providing multiple types of event notifications, alerts, and messages to users and administrators