Using Command Line Helper Parent topic

Adminstrators can use the Command Line Helper and DAAutoLogin together for seamless Full Disk Encryption patch management. Command Line Helper enables encrypted values to pass via the installation script to the Full Disk Encryption preboot. DAAutoLogin grants a one-time bypass of the Full Disk Encryption preboot.


  1. Copy CommandLineHelper.exe locally to Full Disk Encryption device.
    Example: Copy CommandLineHelper.exe to the C:\ drive.
  2. Open command prompt and type C:\CommandLineHelper.exe, then specify the user name or password.
    For example, use the following command if the user name is SMSUser:
    C:\CommandLineHelper.exe SMSUser
  3. Press ENTER to display the encrypted value.
  4. Run Command Line Helper again for the second encrypted value. If the first time was the user name, run it again to encrypt the password.