Full Disk Encryption Recovery Methods Parent topic

Once a Full Disk Encryption device is fully encrypted, scenarios may exist where an you must perform system restore actions, such as a lost Local Administrator password or a corrupted Windows environment.
Decrypt the drive before preforming recovery actions. For software encryption, standard data recovery tools (Windows Recovery Disk, ERD Commander, UBCD) cannot access a Full Disk Encryption 5.0 or higher encrypted device.
Data recovery methods are available toEndpoint Encryption Administrator and Authenticator accounts to recover data when the Full Disk Encryption device is not properly functioning.
To decrypt the Full Disk Encryption device, the user must have Endpoint Encryption Enterprise or Group Administrator rights. To allow all users in a group/policy to access the recovery console, enable the following policy:
Management Console
Menu Path
PolicyServer MMC
Go to Full Disk EncryptionAgentAllow User Recovery.
Control Manager
Create or edit a policy, then go to Full Disk EncryptionUsers are allowed to access system recovery utilities.