To ensure your organization achieves effective email security protection, Trend Micro recommends you perform the following tasks:
  1. Configure the domain you added and add additional domains if needed.
    Check the status of the domain you added for provisioning and make sure the domain has been configured properly. Add more domains if necessary.
    For details, see Managing Domains.
  2. Import user directories that will be applied by policies.
    Trend Micro Email Security provides multiple ways to import user directories. Choose the proper way that suits your organization.
    For details, see Directory Management.
  3. Configure policies to design your organizational protection solution.
    Trend Micro Email Security provides robust email management options, enabling you to customize your email security protection and configure policies to meet the needs of your organization. Trend Micro Email Security is preconfigured with several default domain-level policies (if configured) and default organization-level policies to provide immediate protection upon deployment.
    For details, see Configuring Policies.