For the customers who use Trend Micro Email Security for the first time, Trend Micro Email Security allows you to choose a serving site, regardless of the registration key or activation code you have purchased. A serving site is the geographical location where Trend Micro Email Security provides you services and stores your service data.
This feature is available for customers from the Customer Licensing Portal. Customers from the Licensing Management Platform cannot select a serving site for first time use, because their serving site has been specified during registration.
You cannot modify the serving site setting after the initial configuration completes. Your Trend Micro Email Security service data will always stay within your selected site and will not be transferred to other sites for data privacy and sovereignty considerations.
The steps outlined below detail how to select a Trend Micro Email Security serving site from the Customer Licensing Portal during first time use.


  1. Log on to the Customer Licensing Portal management console.
  2. Go to Products/Services, locate Trend Micro Email Security, and then click Open console under Action.
    The Initial Configuration screen appears.
  3. Select a site, click OK after confirming your selection, and click Save.
    Trend Micro Email Security uses an Amazon AWS data center to host your data at each serving site. For more information, see Data Center Geography.
    The Trend Micro Email Security management console opens after the initial configuration is complete.
    Check the URL of your Trend Micro Email Security management console logon page in the address bar, which is determined based on your selected serving site. For example, if you are at the Europe and Africa site, the URL of your Trend Micro Email Security management console logon page is