Use the Domains screen to add, modify, or delete domains.

Fields on the Domains screen

Field Description
Domain name
Name of a domain you added.
Inbound Servers
Recipient: Recipient can be a wildcard (*) or an exact email address.
IP address or FQDN: Fully qualified domain name (FQDN) is a unique name, which includes both host name and domain name, and resolves to a single IP address.
  • For example: or
  • Not valid:
Port: Port is a number from 1 to 65535 that an inbound server listens on. These ports vary based on server configuration.
Preference: Preference, sometimes referred to as distance, is a value from 1 to 100. The lower the preference value, the higher the priority.
If more than one mail server is available, delivery is prioritized to servers with lower values. Using the same value will balance delivery to each server.
Outbound Servers
If outbound protection is enabled, this is the information for the MTA(s) that Trend Micro Email Security relays your outbound messages from.
The following options are available:
Office 365: Relays your outbound messages from your Office 365 solution.
Google Workspace: Relays your outbound messages from your Google Workspace solution.
User-defined mail servers: Relays your outbound messages from the mail servers you specified for your managed domain.
Time Added
Time when a domain was added.
Status of a domain, which can be one of the following:
  • Completed: All required information and operations have been completed. The domain is successfully added.
  • Configuration Required: Certain required information or configurations are missing or incorrect.