1. Go to AdministrationSmart ProtectionSmart Feedback.
  2. Select Enable Trend Micro Smart Feedback and agree to allow targeted attack indicator scanning and notification.
  3. To help Trend Micro understand your organization, select the Industry type.
  4. To send information about potential security threats in the files on your Security Agents, select the Enable feedback of suspicious program files check box.
    Files sent to Smart Feedback contain no user data and are submitted only for threat analysis.
  5. To configure the criteria for sending feedback, select the number of detections for the specific amount of time that triggers the feedback.
  6. Specify the maximum bandwidth Apex One can use when sending feedback to minimize network interruptions.
  7. Specify the recipient email addresses to receive notifications on discovered targeted attack indicators.
    You can add up to 20 entries separated by a comma.
  8. (Optional) To send test email messages to new recipients, select Send email notifications only to newly added recipients and click Send Test Message.
  9. Click Save.