Trend Vision One enables integrations with key third-party applications and services, allowing you to analyze data from multiple sources and increase visibility into your security.

You can learn about the available integrations in the following locations:
  • Trend Vision One console: The Third-Party Integration screen lists supported integrations that require setup on the console and provides links to their corresponding configuration screens.
  • Trend Micro Automation Center: The Third-Party Integration screen lists applications that allow Trend Micro products and services to integrate with platforms such as Splunk and Azure Sentinel. For more information, see
The following table outlines the information displayed for integrations that you can configure on the Trend Vision One console.
Third-party application or service that integrates with Trend Vision One
Entity that develops or maintains the third-party application or service
Specific actions or outcomes that the integration enables
Associated apps
Trend Vision One apps that consume data from or share data with the third-party application or service
Service Gateways
Devices that enable Trend Vision One to connect to a third-party application that is deployed in the corporate network
You must enable third-party integration on each connected Service Gateway to allow data sharing between Trend Vision One and third-party applications.
The Service Gateways column displays any of the following values:
  • A list of connected and enabled Service Gateways for each integration
  • Disabled: No Service Gateways are connected.
  • Not applicable: The integration does not require a Service Gateway.
  • Required: Third-party integration is disabled on all connected Service Gateways.
For more information, see Service Gateway Overview.
Date and time data was last synchronized between Trend Vision One and the third-party application or service