Asset graph for service accounts

June 21, 2023 — Attack Surface Discovery now provides asset graph support for service accounts. The asset graph provides detailed information about the service account and its relationships and interactions with other assets in your organization. The service account might also appear in the asset graph of other assets.
Attack Surface Risk ManagementAttack Surface Discovery

Risk Insights support for Trend Vision One credits

June 21, 2023 — As Risk Insights capabilities become a paid feature on July 4, 2023, credit usage data is now displayed in Risk Insights apps. You can view your current credit balance and estimate future credit usage. To ensure uninterrupted access to Operations Dashboard and Attack Surface Discovery, activate the "auto-allocate credits" toggle to enable Trend Vision One to automatically allocate credits to Risk Insights capabilities when the complimentary period ends.
Attack Surface Risk Management

Zero Trust Secure Access adds customized DLP templates for Internet Access

June 19, 2023 — To strengthen the data loss prevention capability of Internet Access, Zero Trust Secure Access supports customized Data Loss Prevention (DLP) templates and customized DLP data identifiers including expressions, file attributes, and keywords. Administrators can add customized DLP templates using either predefined or customized DLP data identifiers, create DLP rules to include customized DLP templates, and then apply them to Internet Access rules to scan outbound web traffic against accidental data disclosure and intentional theft.
For more information, see Data loss prevention rules.
Zero Trust Secure AccessSecure Access ConfigurationInternet Access Configuration

Zero Trust Secure Access supports SMB protocol for Private Access

June 19, 2023 — Administrators can add the organization's private applications that use the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol to the internal apps list. This allows Private Access to control users' access to these applications through the Secure Access Module.
Zero Trust Secure AccessSecure Access ConfigurationPrivate Access Configuration

Cloud One Endpoint & Workload Security connector relocated

June 14, 2023 — To streamline the implementation of planned enhancements for Trend Vision One, your Trend Cloud One - Endpoint & Workload Security service connection was relocated to the Trend Cloud One connector. This migration does not affect any of the existing functionality provided by the connection between Trend Vision One and Trend Cloud One - Endpoint & Workload Security.
For more information, see Configuring Trend Cloud One.
Endpoint SecurityEndpoint & Workload Security

Significant update to the Risk Index algorithm

June 5, 2023 — Risk Insights has applied a significant update to the Risk Index algorithm for all customers. The algorithm now places a greater importance on Attack Detection. Periodic algorithm updates are part of our continuous effort to optimize the risk algorithm to provide you with an accurate, timely, and actionable Risk Index.
Algorithm updates can result in a sudden and significant increase to asset risk scores and the Risk Index. A sharp increase in the Risk Index that directly coincides with an algorithm update can be considered the result of the algorithm change.
For more details, see Risk Index algorithm updates.
Attack Surface Risk ManagementOperations Dashboard

Virtual Network Sensor, a network sensor for network detection and response, now available in Network Inventory

June 5, 2023 — Virtual Network Sensor is the new network sensor solution available for Trend Vision One. Virtual Network Sensor is a virtual appliance that provides Trend Vision One with network activity data, enabling you to review detailed network activity. The network data can also help discover unmanaged and unknown network assets, allowing for a more holistic view of your attack surface for network detection, response, analysis, and visibility.
Start your Trend Vision One journey by providing needed network detection and response capabilities such as network telemetry collection and investigation responses. Get an overview of your connected Virtual Network Sensor virtual appliances in Network Inventory.
Network SecurityNetwork Inventory