Learn about creating template-based playbooks to automate and orchestrate your response to security incidents.

Trend Vision One comes with a set of predefined playbook templates. The templates provide a ready-to-use workflow that can be quickly set up to meet your needs. Some playbook templates have a fixed workflow, while others are fully customizable.
Playbook templates themselves cannot be executed. You need to create a playbook from them. Multiple playbooks can be created from the same template.
Playbook templates consist of various node types that allow you to trigger execution, define the target of the playbook, handle conditions, and carry out actions.
You can view the list of currently available playbook templates from the Templates tab in the Security Playbooks app.
The availability of certain template-based playbook types depends on your license entitlement for the associated Trend Vision One features and the required data sources. For more information, see Security playbooks requirements.