View information about the System configuration risk factor, which is determined by misconfigured security settings in your managed assets.

The System Configuration risk factor contributes to the Exposure Index.
The following table outlines the widgets available in the System Configuration section.
Risk Metrics
View information about specific configuration risks
System Configuration Risk Events
Lists risk events effecting your organization
The following table describes the risk indicators associated with the System configuration risk factor.
Data Sources
Internet-facing asset configuration
Misconfigured settings on publicly-facing domains and IP addresses
  • Domain
  • IP address
Cloud infrastructure configuration
Misconfigured settings on cloud infrastructure, such as cloud instances and platforms
  • Trend Cloud One - Conformity
  • Trend Cloud One - Endpoint & Workload Security
  • Cloud asset
Identity and access configuration
Misconfigured settings on IAM services
  • Microsoft Entra ID
  • User
Cloud service configuration
Misconfigured settings on cloud-based applications, software, and services
  • Trend Vision One Container Security
  • Trend Cloud One - Conformity
  • Cloud service
Endpoint configuration
Misconfigured security settings on endpoint devices
  • Trend Vision One Endpoint Sensor
  • Trend Cloud One - Endpoint & Workload Security
  • Device