View your organization's overall Risk Index and the risk factors that contribute to it.

The Risk Factors tab displays the overall Risk Index for your organization over the last 30 days and displays the risk factors that contribute to the Risk Index and the number of high-risk events, vulnerabilities, or alerts associated with the risk factor.
To view detailed information about the endpoints, accounts, and other assets included in the risk analysis, click View Assessment Profiles.
Click any risk factor to view the related information and widgets.
For customers that have updated to the Foundation Services release, the tallies in the list of risk factors and the Risk Index trend graph are only visible for users with full asset visibility scope.
When no risk factor is selected, Risk Reduction Measures displays your currently selected risk reduction goal and lists the risk events that require your attention to reach the goal.
Risk Factor
Attack Surface Risk Management identifies user accounts that display unusual activity, have been detected on the dark web, or have been targeted by malicious email campaigns.
Vulnerability Assessment works in conjunction with Trend Vision One Endpoint Sensor, Agentless Vulnerability & Threat Detection, and supported third-party tools to locate your endpoints, containers, and cloud VMs with unpatched vulnerabilities. When using Trend Vision One Endpoint Sensor, you also get prioritized insights into whether a threat actor has already attempted to exploit open vulnerabilities.
Attack Surface Risk Management assesses user and device behavior and highlights irregularities that could indicate that you are under attack.
Attack Surface Risk Management leverages the Cloud App Reputation scores calculated by Trend Micro threat experts to analyze user accounts and devices for any cloud activity to potentially risky cloud apps.
Attack Surface Risk Management identifies potential security risks and misconfigurations that could pose a threat to your network. System configuration risks include exposed ports, insecure host connections, insecure IAM and cloud infrastructure configurations, and unsafe software and endpoint configurations.
Attack Surface Risk Management uses data from your organization's Workbench alerts to determine the risk levels of your users and devices.
Attack Surface Risk Management correlates known threat detections with device owners to give you better insight into possible security risks.
Keep track of your Trend Micro endpoint agent and sensor deployments, update status, and key feature adoption rates. Ensure your Trend Micro solution settings meet your company's security best practices.