View and manage connected security products and the network sensor feature which provides visibility into your network environment.

Use Network Inventory (Network SecurityNetwork Inventory) to monitor, manage, and configure your connected Trend Micro security products and enable the Network Sensor function. Network Inventory provides an overview of your connected Virtual Network Sensors, Deep Discovery Inspector appliances, and TippingPoint devices managed by your connected TippingPoint SMS. The Network Sensor is a feature deployed on supported products which allows your connected devices to monitor traffic and provide greater visibility for XDR detection and analysis.
Advanced Network Security features are located on the following screens, accessible from the navigation bar.
The following table lists the options available in Network Inventory.
Screen Location
Displays an overview of your network security environment and allows you to filter the list view by product type or assigned group
Click on any product name or group name to filter the table. Hover your mouse over an entry and click the options icon (vertical-ellipsis-ic.png) to perform the following group management actions.
  • Create group: Create a new appliance group or sub-group
  • Rename: Rename the appliance group or sub-group
  • Delete: Delete the appliance group or sub-group
Some actions are limited based on group type or level.
For more information about managing Virtual Network Sensor, see Virtual Network Sensor.
For more information about managing Deep Discovery Inspector, see Deep Discovery Inspector appliances.
For more information about managing TippingPoint appliances, see TippingPoint devices.
Common actions
Common Network Security actions that are available in all views
The buttons and links located at the top of the Network Inventory screen allow you to manage resources and policies that apply across appliance type.
  • Bandwidth Usage: Click to view your bandwidth usage for all connected network appliances
    • Virtual Network Sensors and TippingPoint devices display the average bandwidth for the past 30 days.
    • Deep Discovery Inspector appliances display the allocated bandwidth for connected appliances with the Network Sensor feature turned on. Bandwidth allocation is fixed based on the purchased license.
  • Credit Usage: View the total credits allocated
  • Simulations: Use demonstration scripts to simulate attacks and find out what Trend Vision One can uncover for you
Network appliance actions
Deploy or connect your network security appliances and perform management actions on selected appliances
The actions available change depending on which product type you are viewing and if you have selected an appliance from the appliance list.
For more information, see the product specific topics:
Other actions
Perform additional actions for your appliance type
The actions available change depending on which product type you are viewing.
  • Setup Guide: Open the Virtual Network Sensor Getting Started Guide in the Trend Vision One console to review setup and deployment steps.
  • Manage: Manage appliance plans and the Virtual Analyzer image source for your connected Deep Discovery Inspector appliances
  • Refresh (refresh.png): Refresh the current view
Inventory list
Displays the connected network security appliances based on which product type or group you selected from the Inventory section