In the Trend Vision One console, go to Attack Surface Risk ManagementCloud PosturePreferences.

Notification preferences Parent topic

Email Notifications Parent topic


  1. Go to Attack Surface Risk ManagementCloud PosturePreferencesNotification PreferencesEmail Notifications.
  2. Select:
    • Weekly Organization Summary Email: This email is a round up of the major changes in compliance across all pillars, checks performed by the Conformity Bot, and failures resolved by members of your organisation.
    • CSV Email Attachment: Selecting this option will attach a CSV file containing all newly discovered failures to the notification email you receive after each bot run.

Mobile Notifications Parent topic

To receive SMS Communication for your rule failures see Communication trigger: rule failures you will need to add your mobile number and set up mobile notifications for Cloud Posture:


  1. Go to Attack Surface Risk ManagementCloud PosturePreferencesNotification PreferencesMobile Notifications.
  2. Enter your Mobile number.
  3. Select a Country.
  4. Click Request verification code.
  5. Enter the verification Code.
    To ensure account security, please ensure that you have 2FA enabled.
    Once your phone number is verified, you'll see a confirmation message on successful verification of your number.
    If you want to remove your number, click Remove mobile number.

Rule preferences Parent topic

New Rules Behavior Parent topic

Conformity regularly adds new rules as AWS adds and makes changes to services on their platform to ensure our offering covers the most regularly used services and potential vulnerabilities on the AWS cloud platform. You have the ability to choose whether new rules are turned on automatically or manually.


  1. Go to Attack Surface Risk ManagementCloud PosturePreferencesRule Preferences.
  2. Select:
    • New rules enabled by default: to ensure that all new rules are enabled by default when they are released.
    • New rules are any rules introduced after - to ensure that any rules released after this set date are treated as new rules.
  3. Click Save new rules behavior.
    • New rules that are not automatically enabled by default will need to be manually enabled to become active.
    • For newly added cloud accounts, we compare the account creation date with the Rule release date. If the account creation date is after the Rule release date, we do not consider them for the New rules behaviour and all new rules are enabled for the newly added account.

PDF Reports Logo Parent topic

To add your organization's logo to a PDF report:


  1. Go to Attack Surface Risk ManagementCloud PosturePreferencesReports PDF logo.
  2. Click on the pencil icon to browse and add a logo.
  3. Click Save changes.