Complete the initial setup to start using Mobile Security.

Before using the features of Mobile Security, you need to establish initial configuration and enroll devices using the Trend Vision One console.


  1. Determine whether your organization is currently utilizing a supported Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution for managing mobile devices.
  2. Install the Mobile Agent on supported devices.
    • For supported MDM solutions, send device assignments.
      The users get the Mobile Agent deployed automatically on their devices by utilizing the app management capabilities within the MDM solution.
    • For Mobile Device Director, send enrollment invitations to users.
      The users get the Mobile Agent deployed automatically on their devices through the installation of a work profile (for Android) or configuration profile (for iOS/iPadOS).
    • For Microsoft Entra ID, send enrollment invitations to users.
      The users manually download and install the Mobile Agent from App Store or Google Play Store.
    Once the Mobile Agent is deployed successfully, credits are automatically allocated to Mobile Security. The required number of credits per device remains consistent regardless of the deployment method selected.
  3. Set up mobile compliance policies and mobile security policies to protect enrolled devices.
    Mobile compliance policies referenced in this document are specific to the features offered by Mobile Device Director, and do not apply to device compliance within the integrated MDM solution. If you choose to integrate with your MDM solution, you will not be able to establish Mobile compliance policies in Mobile Security. Instead, utilize device compliance management provided by the MDM solution.
    Mobile security policies are consistently available across all deployment methods, despite slight differences.
  4. Check the Mobile Agent status to ensure that all devices are up-to-date.