Get better insights into your company’s security posture by understanding your overall risk index, asset risks, ongoing attacks, and all contributing risk factors.

The Executive Dashboard app provides information about your company's overall risk index, which is a comprehensive score based on the dynamic assessment of risk factors inclusive of exposure, attack risk, and security configurations risk.
To gain more comprehensive insights and accurate organizational comparisons, connect more data sources, and configure your industry and company size in your Company Profile.
The following table outlines the options available on the Executive Dashboard.
Provides your company's overall Risk Index and insights into attack surface risk for your Devices, Internet-facing Assets, Accounts, Cloud Apps, and Cloud Assets
Provides your Exposure Index, which allows you to identify vulnerabilities, system configuration risks, and user activity and behavior risks
Provides your Attack Index, which indicates the attack intensity of cyber threats occurring in your organization
Provides your Security Configuration Index, which is based on factors including agent and sensor deployment, key feature adoption, license health, and agent versions
Allows you to view your connected data sources and configure new data sources for better insights
Allows you to create one-time or scheduled reports. The report type is automatically specified based on the selected tab.