Manage the data loss prevention (DLP) rules to scan outbound web traffic for content including sensitive data and apply them to secure access rules for enhanced protection.

Internet Access provides data loss prevention rules to make it easier to track sensitive data, and to safeguard your organization's confidential information against accidental disclosure and intentional theft.
DLP rules can be applied to the following:
  • Internet access rules
The following table outlines the actions available on the Data Loss Prevention tab (Zero Trust Secure AccessSecure Access ResourcesData Loss Prevention).
Add a DLP rule
Click Add and follow the instructions to add a DLP rule.
For more information, see Adding a data loss prevention rule.
Check DLP rule details
View the basic information about a DLP rule, including the selected predefined or customized DLP templates and the number of secure access rules that are using the rule.
Configure a DLP rule
  • Click edit-icon_001.png to change the basic information about a DLP rule.
  • Click duplicate.jpg to duplicate a DLP rule. This provides a convenient way of adding a new DLP rule with settings similar to an existing rule.
  • Click trash-icon.png to delete a DLP rule from Trend Vision One.
    To delete more than one DLP rule, select the rules and click Delete in the upper left.
    Only the DLP rule that is not in use by any secure access rule can be deleted.
Manage data identifiers
Click Manage Data Identifiers to define digital assets, including files and data, of your organization to protect against unauthorized transmission.
For more information, see Data identifier types.
Manage DLP templates
Click Manage DLP Templates to view predefined DLP template settings or create your own DLP templates using predefined or customized data identifiers.
For more information, see Data loss prevention templates.