Set up rules for user web activity traffic using upstream proxies on your Internet Access On-Premises Gateway.

Before you begin

  • To use the proxy settings of your Service Gateway for user web activity traffic, you must configure a proxy server for your Service Gateway virtual appliance via Service Gateway CLI Commands.
  • Ensure you have upgraded the Internet Access On-Premises Gateway service to the latest version. If enabled on an outdated on-premises gateway, only upstream proxy rules allowing direct traffic to destinations can function. All other traffic is sent directly to your Service Gateway virtual appliance.
Configuring upstream proxy rules for your Internet Access On-Premises Gateway allows you to send user web activity traffic to specified domains, subdomains, and IP addresses via proxy.
Upstream proxy rules only apply to user-initiated web activity traffic on the on-premises gateway. Traffic initiated directly by the on-premises gateway for administrative purposes, including traffic to Trend Vision One, Smart Protection Network, and ActiveUpdate services, automatically uses the proxy settings configured in the current Service Gateway.


  1. In the Advanced Settings tab of your on-premises gateway settings, enable upstream proxy for data traffic.
  2. Select Add Upstream Proxy Rule.
  3. In the window that appears, add the desired domains, subdomains, or IP addresses in the Destinations field.
    • Zero Trust Secure Access supports the following wildcard characters:
      • *: Matches any number of characters
      • ?: Matches a single character in a specific position
    • You may add a maximum of 100 destinations.
  4. Select the desired proxy option.
    • Allow direct traffic: Permits traffic directly to the added destinations
    • Use proxy settings in Service Gateway: Sends traffic through the proxy configured in the Service Gateway virtual appliance currently running the Internet Access On-Premises Gateway service
    • Specify on-premises proxy: Sends traffic through a third-party proxy determined by the FQDN or IP address and port number you provide
      The on-premises proxy option does not support proxy authentication.
  5. Click Add to add the rule to the upstream proxy rules list.
    • You may only add one upstream proxy rule at time allowing direct traffic or using the proxy settings of the current Service Gateway, but you may specify multiple on-premises proxies.
    • You may add a maximum of 10 rules.
  6. Drag individual rules to set priority.
  7. Click Save to save the on-premises gateway settings.