Gain insights into the risk profile of your company's cloud-based assets.

The Cloud Assets view of Executive Dashboard provides an overview of available data about the security posture of your company's cloud-based assets.
For customers that have updated to the Foundation Services release, Cloud Assets only shows individual data for devices within the asset visibility scope of the current user.
The following table outlines the available widgets of the Cloud Assets view.
Risk Summary
A monthly summary of your company's risk scores for the current view related to exposure, attack, and security configuration
The risk summary is calculated using all data received from your business without applying asset visibility scope limits.
Risk Factors
Click on individual risk factors to view the corresponding widget in Exposure Overview.
Attack Surface
A representation of the attack surface of your company's cloud-based assets
Cloud Assets: The total number of cloud-based assets discovered in Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform by your Trend Cloud One API and Trend Cloud One
In the Risk Reduction Measures section, clicking Learn more on Operations Dashboard opens a new browser tab displaying suggested remediation actions in Operations Dashboard for risk events detected in your organization.