Send notifications from alerts and subscriptions to recipients by email, webhook, and mobile app.

The Notifications screen (AdministrationNotifications) allows you to configure alerts and subscriptions to send notifications to the appropriate recipients using email, webhook, and the Trend Vision One mobile app.
The following table outlines the sections available in the Notifications screen.
When Trend Vision One triggers an alert, the alert generates a notification. Configure each alert and manage the notification channels individually.
Trend Vision One generates certain notifications and reports on a regular schedule. Configure each subscription and manage the notification channels individually.
General Settings
Open the General Settings panel by clicking the gear icon (global-settings.png).
The General Settings panel provides the following global settings that affect alert and subscription notifications:
  • Subject prefix: Enable to include a custom prefix on all notification emails. Specify the prefix you want to use in the Prefix field.
    The prefix appears in the email subject exactly as typed, with no additional formatting or characters added.
    For example, if you type [TM] in the Prefix field, the subject line appears as: [TM]Email Subject
  • Language settings: Select the language for alert and subscription notifications.
Webhook List
Manage webhooks to receive notifications from Trend Vision One by clicking Webhook List.