The Response Management app allows you to take actions and track the actions you have taken on your environment using the Trend Vision One console.

The following table outlines the actions available for the Response Management app.
Filter response data
Use the Search field and drop-down lists to locate specific task data.
  • Task status: The current status of the command sent to the managing server
    The Task status indicates whether the managing server was able to successfully receive and execute the command. If the command target is a Security Agent, the Task status does not necessarily indicate whether the target Security Agent or object successfully executed the command.
  • Action: The command sent to the target
    For more information, see Response Actions.
  • Target type: The type of target object
  • Created by: The user that created the task
  • Search: Provides partial matching for the Task ID and Target objects
View task details
View the table to check the status of commands sent to targets.
For more information, see Response Data.
Take additional action on a task
Depending on the command sent to a target, you may be able to take secondary or follow-up actions.
Select the check box next to a task to access additional action buttons above the table (if applicable).
For more information, see Response Actions.