Trend Micro Portable Security™ delivers high-performance, cost-effective security services, helping protect companies by finding and removing security threats from computers or devices that do not have security software or an Internet connection.

The Scanning Tool is an antivirus security program in a portable USB device that you can easily use to find and remove security threats from computers or devices without having to install an antivirus program. You can also use the Management Program to manage all updates, scan settings, and the logs generated by the Scanning Tool.

Most antivirus programs are installed on each device and need an Internet connection to be able to download the latest components. With Trend Micro Portable Security™ , the antivirus software is already in the portable USB device and you can just plug the USB device and then scan the computer or device.

Trend Micro Portable Security™ has two main components, both with a console:

  • Management Program: This program can manage several Scanning Tool devices. Refer to Trend Micro Portable Security User's Guide.

  • Scanning Tool: You can register the Scanning Tool device to the Management Program or you can also use the Scanning Tool as a standalone tool. This means you will not have to install anything on any device.