The Scanning Tool can check the endpoint for security threats after you plug it in. The Scanning Tool can also fix, quarantine, or just log the threats found. The results of each scan are saved on the Scanning Tool.

  • If the Scanning Tool does not start, you can open Windows Explorer and double-click Launcher.exe from the TMPS3 SYS partition.

  • The Scanning Tool console is only available for Windows computers.

Each Scanning Tool launches its own console. However, the features seen on the console depends on the mode you choose. You can choose either Standalone Scanning Tool or Management Program.

Refer to Management Program Mode.


Make sure you select the correct mode because you can only change the mode after activation if you reset the device.

For more information, see Reset Device.

Table 1. Scanning Tool Modes

Management Program

Standalone Scanning Tool


In addition to downloading specified components from Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server or a specified source, components can be updated from the Management Program.

Downloads all components from Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server or from any endpoint with an Internet connection or from a specified source.

Scan settings

Same as the Management Program or configured from the Scanning Tool.

Change the scan settings directly from the Scanning Tool console.


  • Exported to the Management Program

  • Imported from another Scanning Tool

Imported from or exported to a endpoint.


Trend Micro recommends installing OfficeScan™ on the endpoints with the Management Program installed.

While scanning for security threats, Trend Micro may create temporary files on the endpoint. These files will be deleted after the Scanning Tool stops any running processes. You can also choose to scan endpoints without saving the temporary files.