Spyware/Grayware Approved List

OfficeScan provides a list of "approved" spyware/grayware, which contains files or applications that you do not want treated as spyware or grayware. When a particular spyware/grayware is detected during scanning, OfficeScan checks the approved list and performs no action if it finds a match in the approved list.

Apply the approved list to one or several clients and domains, or to all clients that the server manages. The approved list applies to all Scan Types, which means that the same approved list will be used during Manual Scan, Real-time Scan, Scheduled Scan, and Scan Now.

  1. Specify if OfficeScan will apply the approved spyware/grayware only to the selected client computers or to certain domain(s).

  2. Click Add. OfficeScan adds the spyware/grayware to the approved list found in Networked Computers > Client Management > Settings > Spyware/Grayware Approved List.

  1. On the Spyware/Grayware names table, select a spyware/grayware name. To select multiple names, hold the Ctrl key while selecting.

  2. You can also type a keyword in the Search field and click Search. OfficeScan refreshes the table with the names that match the keyword.

  3. Click Add. The names move to the Approved List table.

  4. To remove names from the approved list, select the names and click Remove. To select multiple names, hold the Ctrl key while selecting.

  5. If you selected domain(s) or client(s) on the client tree, click Save to apply settings to the domain(s) or client(s). If you selected the root icon, choose from the following options:

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