Spyware and Grayware

Spyware and grayware refer to applications or files not classified as viruses or Trojans, but can still negatively affect the performance of the computers on the network. Spyware and grayware introduce significant security, confidentiality, and legal risks to an organization. Spyware/Grayware often performs a variety of undesired and threatening actions such as irritating users with pop-up windows, logging user keystrokes, and exposing computer vulnerabilities to attack.

OfficeScan protects computers from the following spyware/grayware types:


Spyware gathers data, such as account user names, passwords, credit card numbers, and other confidential information, and transmits it to third parties.


Adware displays advertisements and gathers data, such as Web surfing preferences, used for targeting future advertising at the user.


A dialer changes client Internet settings and can force a computer to dial pre-configured phone numbers through a modem. These are often pay-per-call or international numbers that can result in a significant expense for an organization.

Joke Program

Joke programs cause abnormal computer behavior, such as closing and opening the CD-ROM tray and displaying numerous message boxes.

Hacking Tool

A hacking tool helps hackers enter a computer.

Remote Access Tool

A remote access tool helps hackers remotely access and control a computer.

Password Cracking Application

This type of application helps decipher account user names and passwords.


"Others" include potentially malicious programs not categorized under any of the spyware/grayware types.

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