Spyware/Grayware Scan Results

A. If Scan Action is Successful

The first level result is Successful, no action required. The second level results are as follows:

OfficeScan terminated processes or deleted registries, files, cookies and shortcuts.

OfficeScan did not perform any action but logged the spyware/grayware detection for assessment.

OfficeScan denied access (copy, open) to the detected spyware/grayware components.

B. If Scan Action is Unsuccessful

The first level result is "Further action required". The second level results will have at least one of the following messages:

This message displays if the Spyware Scan Engine attempts to clean any single folder and the following criteria are met:

Solution: Contact your support provider for assistance.

A user stopped scanning before it was completed.

Solution: Run a Manual Scan and wait for the scan to finish.

OfficeScan cleaned spyware/grayware components but a computer restart is required to complete the task.

Solution: Restart the computer immediately.

Spyware/Grayware was detected on a CD-ROM or network drive. OfficeScan cannot clean spyware/grayware detected on these locations.

Solution: Manually remove the infected file.

A new version of the Spyware Scan Engine provides a new scan result that OfficeScan has not been configured to handle.

Solution: Contact your support provider for help in determining the new scan result.

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