General Allow List Settings for Phishing Simulation

Grant Phishing Simulation permission to send phishing simulation emails to your organization. Configure your allow list settings for third-party vendors to prevent email delivery issues, URL warnings, and false positives in your results.

Table 1. The following Phishing Simulation details need to be added to your third-party allow list.



Sending domain

Enter at least one sending domain.

Sending IP

Enter at least one sending IP range.

(Optional) Simulation URLs to allow

Enter specific URLs used in Phishing Simulation that should not be blocked.

(Optional) Header key and header value

Enter an email header key and header value.

Find the Phishing Simulation sending domain, sending IP, simulation URLs, and header key and value by following the steps below.

  1. In Trend Vision One, go to Assessment > Security Assessment.
  2. Under Phishing Simulation Assessment click Start Assessment.
  3. Go to Step 3 Delivery. The header key and header value are listed under Allow List Settings.
  4. Under Allow List Settings click Settings to view Phishing Simulation sending domains, sending IPs, and simulation URLs.