Configuring iOS/iPadOS Devices Through the TMWS Agent App

Before you begin, make sure that:

  • You have prepared an Apple device running iOS/iPadOS 13, 14, or 15.

  • You have received and downloaded the TMWS cloud root CA certificate to your Apple device from your organization's administrator.

  1. Search for the TMWS Agent app from Apple's App Store, and tap Install.
  2. Open the app and tap Accept and Continue on the Privacy and Personal Data Collection Disclosure screen.
  3. On the Get User Portal Address screen that appears, check whether your organization's user portal address is automatically populated, and tap Next.

    (Optional) If your organization's administrator provided a QR code, tap Scan a QR code for the address, scan the QR code using your iPad's camera, and then tap Next on the Get User Portal Address screen that appears.

  4. Type your logon credentials when prompted in the form of

    The TMWS Welcome to TMWS End User Portal screen opens.

  5. Tap Copy Token.
  6. On the Get Your Token screen, check whether your token is automatically populated, and tap Install.

    (Optional) you can also tap Scan a QR code for the token to scan the QR code opened on another device or tap Enter a token manually to type the token manually in the text box.

  7. Follow the system prompts and wait until the VPN profile is successfully installed.

    After the installation, the TMWS Mobile VPN service is disconnected by default.

  8. Tap the Not Connected button and wait a few seconds until the button turns to Connected.

    The TMWS Mobile VPN service is connected on your iPad device.

    You can view the newly installed profile from Settings > General > VPN.

  9. Install the TMWS cloud root CA certificate.
    1. Go to Settings > Profiles Downloaded.

      The Trend Micro Web Security Cloud Root CA appears on the Install Profile screen.

    2. Tap Install on the Install Profile screen, the Warning screen, and then the Install Profile screen.
    3. Wait until the certificate is installed, check whether Verified appears next to the certificate name, and then tap Done.
    4. Go to Settings > General > About > Certificate Trust Settings, slide the Trend Micro Web Security Cloud Root CA to the right, and then click Continue.
  10. Open a web browser and go to

    If the connection status for TMWS is Yes, TMWS is working properly on the device.


    The TMWS Mobile VPN Service may disconnect after an iOS/iPadOS device auto-locks.

Open the TMWS Agent app, click the menu button in the upper right corner, and then perform the following as necessary on the Settings screen that appears:

  • Tap About to view the version and other information about the app.

  • Tap Reinstall VPN Profile and then OK to go back to the Get User Portal Address screen to reinstall the VPN profile.

  • Tap Online Help to learn more about the app and TMWS.

  • Tap Contact Us to send an email with your questions or suggestions to Trend Micro.

  • Perform the following to renew your token if instructed by your organization's administrator:

    1. Tap Reinstall VPN Profile

    2. Tap Replace All.

      A message displays, prompting you to confirm the action.

    3. Tap Yes, replace all..

    4. Tap Back and type your logon credentials again.

    5. Tap Copy Token and proceed with the installation procedure.

On iOS/iPadOS 15, after you have configured the TMWS Agent app, you may encounter problems when using some apps, such as failure to open an app. To solve the problems, request your administrator to add the domains accessed by these apps to the SkipHosts variable of the PAC file in use.