Besides installing from the Chrome Web Store, administrators can install the Chrome extension on multiple Chromebooks from Google Workspace.


  1. Obtain the authentication code for enrollment from the Worry-Free Services web console.
    1. Sign into the Worry-Free Services web console.
    2. Go to SECURITY AGENTS and select the group to enroll Chromebooks.
    3. Click Add Security Agents.
      The Security Agent Installation Methods screen appears.
    4. Click the View email content link under Send Installer Link.
      The Email Content screen appears.
    5. Find and have the authentication code ready for the following steps.
  2. Install the Chrome extension from Google Admin.
    1. Sign into Google Admin with your Google Workspace administrator account.
    2. Go to DevicesChromeApps & extensionsUsers & browsers.
    3. In the lower-right corner of the screen, click the Add icon and click Add Chrome app or extension by ID.
      The Add Chrome app or extension by ID screen appears.
    4. Type the extension ID.
      Trend Micro Worry-Free Services extension ID: megankfphmfmocjeekccanpipohglaen
    5. Click Save.
      Trend Micro Worry-Free Services appears on the Users & browsers tab.
    6. Click the Installation policy column for Trend Micro Worry-Free Services and select Force install from the list.
    7. Click Trend Micro Worry-Free Services.
      A new panel appears on the right.
    8. Type the following in Policy for extensions and use the authentication code obtained in Step 1.
          "Value": "authentication code"
          "Value": "abcABC12"
    9. In the upper-right corner of the screen, click Save.