The following table outlines the new features and enhancements included in this release of Worry-Free Business Security Services.



New user interface design

Worry-Free Business Security Services has a completely refreshed and improved user interface. Administrators can locate endpoints or users quickly, research security concerns, mitigate threats, and provide better service to their end users.

Advanced policy management mode

Worry-Free Business Security Services now has an optional Advanced Mode that provides more power and control by allowing administrators to create granular policies and target users and/or endpoints.

Role-based access control

Worry-Free Business Security Services now supports role-based access control. The predefined user roles provide specific access rights to the web console, allowing administrators to delegate roles and responsibilities.

Device Control enhancements

Worry-Free Business Security Services now provides more granular control for connected USB devices. Administrators can take action on specific device types or serial numbers and restrict access to a broad range of devices, including storage (CD/DVD, network drives, USB storage devices) and non-storage devices (Bluetooth adapters, IEEE1394 interface, infrared devices, wireless NICs, and print screen key).

Web Threat Protection enhancements

Worry-Free Business Security Services now supports checking websites that use the latest HTTP/2 protocol in all supported browsers.

Unprotected endpoint discovery

Worry-Free Business Security Services now has the ability to identify endpoints that have no Security Agent installed in an Active Directory integrated environment and provide a quick and easy way to deploy the Security Agent to those endpoints.

Consolidated security policy settings

Worry-Free Business Security Services has further consolidated the security policy settings, such as scan exclusions and scan settings, to help you manage the settings more effectively.

Consolidated security events

You can now view security events from the following screens:

  • Security Agents > Endpoint details

  • Users > User details

  • Logs


The advanced search feature provides several filter criteria to help you quickly find and manage endpoints. You can use specific filter criteria, such as an IP range or Windows 7, and save the criteria as filters in the Security Agent Tree.

How-to videos

Worry-Free Business Security Services provides video tutorials that demonstrate the main features, such as installing the Security Agent and configuring policy settings. To view the video list, go to > How-to Videos on the web console.