Automatically allocate credits by enabling Private Access, Internet Access, or both.

Zero Trust Secure Access requires that you allocate credits for each of your authenticated users. You can choose to enable Private Access and Internet Access individually but you may not assign different users to each service. Credits are assigned to all authenticated users automatically after you enable a feature.
Gain control over your user’s access to internal applications and the internet by enabling Private Access and Internet Access.
  • Private Access: 50 credits per user
  • Internet Access: 60 credits per user
Data retention period: 180 days


  1. Go to Zero Trust Secure AccessSecure Access Overview.
  2. View or enable your Private Access and Internet Access services by clicking the gear icon next to Credit Usage (creditsgear.jpg).
  3. Allocate credits to the desired services by enabling the Private Access or Internet Access toggles.
    After enabling or disabling a service, you can view the estimated credit cost immediately.
    The credit estimate is only valid at the time you enable or disable a feature. If the number of authenticated users changes before you apply your changes (or your trial ends) the actual credit allocation may differ.
  4. For customers that have not completed the trial period, you can choose Automatically allocate credits after the trial ends to avoid any disruption of service.
    You must have enough credits available when you trial ends to avoid service disruptions. For more information about acquiring credits, contact your sales representative.
  5. To view a full list of your authenticated users, expand Usage Guide and click the number of user accounts. Clicking Export on the User Accounts screen downloads the users to a CSV file.
  6. Click Apply.
    You can begin to use your services immediately after enabling and applying the credit allocation.