Manage settings and review information about your Virtual Network Sensors.

The Sensor Details screen provides a summary of information about your connected Virtual Network Sensor to help with managing your environment. You can open the Sensor Details screen in the Trend Vision One console by going to Network SecurityNetwork InventoryVirtual Network Sensor and clicking the sensor identifier on the inventory list.
The Sensor Details screen is divided into two tabs:
The System Information tab provides basic information about the Virtual Network Sensor.

System Information

Connection status
The status of the connection between Network Inventory and the sensor
Sensor version
The Virtual Network Sensor version
If the sensor is out-of-date, hover over the warning icon (diamondwarningicon.png) and click Update now to manually update to the latest version.
You can configure how the Virtual Network Sensor performs updates on the System Settings tab of the Sensor Details screen.
Manually updating always updates to the latest version.
Network Inventory only maintains update support for Virtual Network Sensor versions released within the last six months. Versions older than six months might require redeployment to use the latest version.
The amount of bandwidth allocated to the sensor
The hypervisor the Virtual Network Sensor is deployed on
Virtual Network Sensor build number
The GUID of the Virtual Network Sensor
Network Sensor
The status of Network Analytics
Network Analytics is automatically enabled when deploying a Virtual Network Sensor.
The System Settings tab provides options to help configure some of your Virtual Network Sensor features.

System Settings

Sensor update
Configure update settings
Click the configure icon (gear-icon.png) to turn on automatic updates and schedule when to perform updates.
For more information, see Configuring sensor update settings.
SSH access
Enable/disable SSH access
SSH access allows administrators to sign in remotely to manage sensors, execute commands, and copy or upload files to the sensor using an SSH client.
Detection mode
Set the sensor detection mode
Only available if you have enabled hypersensitive mode in Support Settings.