Configure user roles to grant app permissions and asset visibility scope to Trend Vision One user accounts.

Only customers that have updated to the Foundation Services release have access to the feature.
  • User roles are automatically updated from the following:
    • Apex One as a Service
    • Cloud One - Endpoint & Workload Security
  • All automatically updated roles become custom roles in Trend Vision One.
  • All custom roles can be edited from the User Roles page.
  • We recommend reviewing the asset visibility scope settings for user roles that were updated from Endpoint & Workload Security to Trend Vision One. There might be some configuration differences for the roles in Trend Vision One.
The following tables outline the actions available in the User Roles screen (AdministrationUser Roles).
Add a custom user role
Click + Add Role to create a new custom role.
View user role details
Click a Role name to open its details panel.
View assigned accounts
Click the number in the Total accounts column to open the details panel to the Accounts tab.
View API keys
Click the number in the Total API keys column to open the details panel to the Accounts tab.
Server & Workload API keys only display the total count.
Filter user roles
Use the Role type: drop-down list to filter by Predefined Role or Custom Role.
You cannot edit or delete predefined roles.
Edit a user role
Duplicate a user role
Click Duplicate to copy a role's settings into a new custom role.
Delete a user role
Select a role and click Delete to remove a role. You can select and delete multiple roles at the same time.