Search for predefined threat hunting queries from Trend Micro and Cyborg Security based on known threats, tactics, and techniques to aid you in constructing powerful search queries in your own environment.


  1. On the Trend Vision One console, go to XDR Threat InvestigationSearch.
  2. Click Threat Hunting Queries.
    The Threat Hunting Queries panel appears.
  3. Enter a title, description, or query keyword in the text field to search for related threat hunting queries.
  4. Click Execute Query to use the selected threat hunting query in the Search app, or click Copy Query to copy the query to the clipboard.
  5. Click expandicon.png for more information about the threat hunting query.
    • Click the report link to view related threat information in Campaign Intelligence.
    • Threat hunting queries that are powered by Cyborg Security allow you to access related threat intelligence information on the Cyborg Security - HUNTER platform and send threat hunting queries directly to the Search app.