View exposure-related risk events that possibly impact your organization's identity posture.

The following table details the actions available in the Exposure tab of Identity Posture.
See credit usage
Hover over Credit usage to see details about your credit allocation to Attack Surface Risk Management.
Configure data sources
Click Data sources to see and configure your data sources for Attack Surface Risk Management.
View highlighted risk events
Click Highlighted risk events to filter the list to only risk events identified by Attack Surface Risk Management that have the biggest impact on your exposure.
View all risk events
Click All exposure risk events to see all risk events that impact your exposure.
Create a Security Awareness training campaign
Click Create Security Awareness Training Campaign to create a training campaign targeting the user accounts currently listed on the screen.
This is a "Pre-release" feature and is not considered an official release. Please review the before using the feature.
Export list
Click Export to export a CSV file of the currently listed risk events.
View details in Operations Dashboard
Click any risk event name to view the details of the risk event in the Operations Dashboard app.
View details in Exposure Risk Event Profile screen
Click any details icon (details-icon.png) to view the details of the risk event in the exposure risk event profile screen.