Service Gateway appliances provide multiple features to connect data from on-premises Trend Micro solutions and various third-party tools. Install a Service Gateway and enable the Forward proxy feature to minimize the overhead associated with configuring firewall exceptions. You can also set up backup proxy sources in your Endpoint Inventory Global Settings in the event that your Service Gateway connection is unavailable.


  1. In the Trend Vision One console, go to Workflow and AutomationService Gateway Management.
  2. For customers that do not have an existing Service Gateway deployed, install a Service Gateway.
    1. Click Download Virtual Appliance to open the Service Gateway Virtual Appliance panel.
    2. Select either VMwas ESXi (OVA) or Microsoft Hyper-V (VHD) as the image type you want to use.
    3. Select I agree to the End User License Agreement and click Download Disk Image.
    4. Record the Registration Token that you need to apply during deployment.
    5. Install the Service Gateway virtual appliance.
  3. On the Service Gateway Management screen, click the Service Gateway name.
  4. Click Manage Services
  5. Click the install icon (sg2-install-icon.png) to install the Forward proxy service.
  6. Configure your firewall exceptions for Trend Vision One Endpoint Security.
    If you are enabling or using other Trend Vision One features, you may need to configure additional firewall exceptions. Refer to the complete firewall exceptions lists to find out about other feature requirements.
    Required exceptions
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