Select a risk reduction goal or set your own goal and remediate risk events with the highest impact on the Risk Index.

Risk reduction goals offer a structured approach to reducing your Risk Index. Predefined goals let you lower your risk level, reduce your Risk Index to the industry average, or focus on top risks. You can also set your own goal as per your requirements. The goal preview displays an estimate of the Risk Index reduction after achieving the specified goal.
When you remediate risk events, the Risk Index decreases by the sum of the amounts equivalent to the events' impact score to achieve the selected risk reduction goal. For more information about the Risk Index algorithm, see January 29, 2024 - Risk Index algorithm version 2.0. However, the actual Risk Index after reduction could fluctuate around your desired goal as Trend Vision One keeps collecting and assessing new events while you complete remediation actions.
For example, you set your own goal to a desired Risk Index of 45 from the current 70, and there are five risk events that you need to address. While you are resolving the five events, if no new high-impact events are assessed and included in Risk Index calculation, the Risk Index decreases to 45 or even less. Otherwise, the Risk Index might increase to a higher value based on the impact score of any new events, which would be listed in the table.


  1. Go to Operations Dashboard.
  2. In the Risk Reduction Measures section, click Select a Goal.
  3. In the Risk Reduction Goal dialog, view the available options and how each goal can help on reducing your Risk Index, and then select a goal.
  4. Check the estimate of the Risk Index reduction, including the target Risk Index, the number of risk events you need to address, and the number of the most affected assets.
    If you choose to set your own goal, specify a desired value less than your current Risk Index in the text box. Attack Surface Risk Management starts to calculate the estimate after you apply the goal.
  5. Click Apply.
    The Risk Reduction Measures widget displays the risk events you need to address and provides recommended remediation actions that help you achieve a desired Risk Index. For details about the available actions that directly impact the Risk Index, see Risk Index reduction.
    If you set your own goal, allow about 10 minutes for Attack Surface Risk Management to calculate and display the information.