Create or edit one-time or recurring template-based reports based on security data within your environment.

Template-based reports are a quick and easy way to create scheduled and one-time reports using data from a single Trend Vision One app. To combine data from multiple templates into a single report, you can create a custom report.
The availability of certain report templates and data sources depends on your license entitlement for the associated app or service. For more information, see Reports license requirements.


  1. Go to Dashboards and ReportsReports.
    • To configure a new report, go to the Report Templates tab and click the template you want to use.
    • To edit a scheduled report, go to the Scheduled Report Settings tab and click the name of the report you want to edit.
  2. Configure the General Settings.
    1. Specify a Name to identify the report.
      • Generated report ZIP files use a report name with a timestamp as the file name.
      • PDF format reports use the report name as the title of the report which appears on the cover page.
    2. Type a Description to identify the report on the Generated Reports and Scheduled Report Settings tabs.
    3. Select the report Type.
      • One-time report: Immediately generates the report once
      • Scheduled report: Generate recurring reports based on schedule settings
      Reports configured to start on the 29th, 30th, or 31st automatically start on the last day of the current month if the specified day does not exist.
  3. Select the Report Format.
    The formats available depend on the report template.
    1. For PDF format, configure the cover page customization settings.
      Description on cover
      A description of the report on the cover page
      Company name
      Your company name
      Company logo
      Your company logo
      Image must be a JPEG or PNG file that does not exceed 200 KB in size. Image dimensions must be within 180 x 60 px.
      Trend Micro logo
      The Trend Micro t-ball logo and Trend Vision One product name
    2. To reuse the PDF settings when creating new reports, click Save settings for future reports.
      Saving PDF settings or changing saved PDF settings does not affect the settings of previously created reports.
  4. In the Report Content section, select the data that you want to include in the report.
    The type of content available depends on the report template. You must select at least one available content type.
  5. (Optional) To send a notification email when report generation completes, configure the Notification settings.
    Recently created Trend Vision One accounts may not appear immediately.
  6. Click Create or Save.
    • One-time reports generate the report immediately after clicking create.
    • Scheduled reports which are enabled generate a report on the next scheduled time based on the schedule settings.
    You can track report generation process and download the completed report on the Generated Reports tab.