Save queries to quickly find data, share search criteria with your team, and add queries to the watchlist.

  • Saved queries only contain search criteria, not search results.
  • You can only have up to 200 saved queries.
The following table outlines the actions available for saved queries.
Search saved queries
Type in the search field to find saved queries.
Export saved queries
Select one or more saved queries and click Export to export the selected queries in JSON format for use with users of different Trend Vision One consoles.
Do not modify the exported JSON file. You cannot import improperly formatted JSON lists.
Import queries to the saved query list
Click Import and select a JSON file containing exported queries to import queries to the saved query list.
Imported queries append to the existing saved query list and do not overwrite the Saved Queries list.
Add saved queries to the Watchlist
Turn on the Watchlist toggle (toggle-on.jpg) to add publicly available queries to the watchlist.
The Watchlist automatically executes the selected queries (excluding any time period) every 15 minutes on the latest data available. After finding new data, the Search app sends an email notification to the configured recipients.
You can add up to 20 queries to the Watchlist.
Share saved queries
Turn on the Publicly available toggle (toggle-on.jpg) to allow anyone to view and execute the saved query.
Share search results
Create a link to share search results with other Trend Vision One users inside your organization by clicking the Copy Link to Search Results icon (share-results.png).
  • Recipients of the link must have the same access permissions to the Trend Vision One console as the person who generates the link.
  • Shared search results retain the time period used when generated.
Execute a query
In the Action column, click the following icons to execute a query:
  • rerunquery.png: Displays search results in the same tab.
  • export-button.jpg: Displays search results in a new tab.
Delete saved queries
Select one or more saved queries and click Delete to delete saved queries.
Only the person who created a saved query has permission to delete the query.