Learn more about the Risk Index algorithm update on January 29, 2024.

Version 2.0 of the Risk Index algorithm provides a comprehensive overview of your organization's risk landscape by significantly expanding the foundation and extent of risk calculation. While earlier versions of the algorithm relied on the risk scores of sampled assets, the updated version calculates the index using the risk scores and levels of all events. By incorporating the risk scores and levels of every risk event within your organization, the updated algorithm has broader scope and a more direct influence on risk events.
When you remediate a risk event, the Risk Index decreases by an amount equivalent to the event's impact score. The Risk Index can be improved significantly even if you only remediate some high-impact instances of a risk event. This relationship between the Risk Index and risk events creates a positive feedback loop for your organization's risk mitigation efforts: Remediation actions consistently lower the Risk Index, boosting the effectiveness and efficiency of your security operations, which, in turn, helps your organization proactively address threats and maintain a robust security posture.