Private Access Configuration guides you to deploy the Trend Micro private access service to analyze network traffic and enforce secure access rules to ensure only authorized users can access corporate resources.

The private access service consists of the following major components:
  • Private Access Connector: Deployed to an entry point on the corporate network close to your on-premises data centers or your Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environments. It connects to endpoints and your internal apps to analyze network traffic and enforce secure access rules.
  • Secure Access Module: Deployed to endpoints managed by Trend Vision One to ensure that network traffic towards internal apps directs through the Private Access Connector
  • User portal: Generated by Trend Vision One and provided for users to launch browser access-enabled internal apps, without requiring them to install the module on their endpoints.
The private access service allows your users to access internal apps from anywhere they want and enable dynamic, purpose-oriented network path from users' endpoints to the needed apps only. All the internal apps flow through the service whether the user is on or off the corporate network. With a Private Access Connector deployed closely to your app, the service can even offer lower latency when accessing apps.


  1. Deploy a group of Private Access Connectors close to the internal apps that you want to protect.
  2. Add the internal apps that you want to enforce access control, associate each of them with a connector group in the same environment, and configure the way you allow your users to authenticate themselves and request access to these apps, that is, via the Secure Access Module or the Trend Micro provided user portal.
  3. Deploy the Secure Access Module to the endpoints if you only allow user authentication and app access with the module installed, or generate a user portal URL and provide it for the users you allow app access without installing the module.