Trend Micro will, from time-to-time, offer new Trend Vision One sub-features for testing and evaluation that are released as “Pre-release.” You acknowledge that Pre-release sub-features have not completed design, testing, and/or quality assurance and have not been authorized for commercial or general release by Trend Micro. Your testing and evaluation of Pre-release sub-features is voluntary and is not required in order for you to continue to access and use your generally released Trend Vision One. Please be advised that if you determine to access and/or use such Pre-release sub-features in your live, production environment, it is at YOUR SOLE AND OWN RISK since such Pre-release sub-features may contain errors, bugs, and/or other operating deficiencies that could cause system failure. The Pre-release sub-features are provided FREE OF CHARGE AND “AS IS”, “WITH ALL FAULTS”, AND WITHOUT ANY SLA, WARRANTIES, GUARANTEES, OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND. Customers can contact the Trend Micro Technical Support team while they are testing a Pre-release sub-feature. Pre-release sub-features may move from the “Pre-release” status and become part of the existing features of an official commercial or general release if certain improvements are made based on customers’ feedback or other internally-generated processes, but keep in mind that SOME or ALL Pre-release sub-features may never be made available as part of an official commercial or general release by Trend Micro at its sole discretion.
If Trend Micro determines that such sub-feature will be officially released, you may be required to pay to continue using the Trend Vision One sub-feature. If you do not want to be charged, please discontinue use by opting out of the sub-feature before official release.