Create a custom view to define how data grouping and search results are displayed.


  1. Run a query using any search method.
  2. On the Data Grouping panel, right-click any field and click Add to Column View.
    Your selected fields are added as columns below the search results graph.
  3. Click Save as New Column View.
  4. On the View Settings screen, specify a name for the view.
  5. Configure the Data Grouping settings.
    1. Click Select Fields.
    2. Select or remove fields to display in the Data Grouping section.
    3. Click Select.
  6. Configure the Search Results settings.
    1. Choose either Column or Field Group.
    2. Click Select Fields.
    3. Select the fields that define the columns in column view or the groups in field group view.
      When creating the view through the Add to Column View method, the originally selected field is already displayed.
    4. Click Select.
  7. Click Create.
The next time you view search results, you can select your custom view from the Column or Field groups sections in the View list.