Internet Access Configuration allows you to deploy the Trend Micro internet access service to analyze web activity and enforce secure access rules to protect your users' internet visits.

The internet access service safeguards your users' web activity by inspecting all internet traffic bi-directionally and enforcing secure access rules. With a default, globally-available cloud gateway, users' web traffic can be monitored, analyzed, and controlled, regardless of locations. With a dedicated corporate network location that identifies the location of your organization, the service can accelerate access control and internet visits.
The internet access service consists of two major components:
  • Internet Access Gateways: Analyze your users' forwarded HTTPS/HTTP traffic to enforce secure access rules.
  • Secure Access Module: Deployed to endpoints managed by Trend Vision One to ensure that internet traffic is forwarded to the Internet Access Gateway for analysis and control.


  1. Define a corporate network location, such as the corporate headquarters, a branch office, or company VPN.
  2. Deploy the Secure Access Module to the endpoints that you want to manage to forward their web traffic to an appropriate Internet Access Gateway.
    Alternatively, you can create a Proxy Auto Configuration (PAC) file on the Trend Vision One console and manually deploy it to client browsers to forward web traffic from your endpoints to the Internet Access Gateway.
  3. Turn on the Internet Access Control toggle on the Internet Access Configuration screen and instruct your users to log in to the module to make the internet access service work.
  4. (Optional) Configure HTTPS inspection rules to decrypt HTTPS traffic if you need to determine whether to allow access to HTTPS contents.