Integrate with Google Cloud Identity to authenticate user access attempts and take action on risky account activity.

This feature is not available in all regions.
You cannot configure single sign-on (SSO) from multiple IAMs. Ensure that you configure the necessary permissions and SSO on the IAM you want to use for Private Access and Internet Access authentication.
Operations Dashboard and Zero Trust Secure Access both require data upload permission to ensure certain features function properly. Revoking data upload permission may prevent secure access policy enforcement and risk analysis.
Integration requires access to the Google Admin console using a Google administrator account with super administrator privileges.


  1. Go to Zero Trust Secure AccessSecure Access ConfigurationIdentity and Access Management.
  2. Click Grant permissions under Google Cloud Identity.
    A new browser tab opens to Third Party IntegrationGoogle Cloud Identity.
  3. Grant the relevant permissions associated with Zero Trust Secure Access by confirming the permissions in the Google Admin console.
  4. In the Google Admin console, configure your Google Cloud Identity settings.