Configure the settings that apply to all Internet Access gateways.

Safe Search Settings
Enforce the use of Restricted Mode when users use YouTube and a strict SafeSearch setting when users use Google, Yahoo!, or Microsoft Bing.
Set up NTLM v2 or Kerberos authentication to transparently identify your on-premises Active Directory users using their Windows logon credentials. If both services are enabled, NTLM v2 handles authentication if the Kerberos service fails.
After users sign in to their Windows operating system, Internet Access automatically authenticates the users with your on-premises Active Directory server. Users do not need to sign in again on the Secure Access Module deployed to their endpoints or on a browser-based authentication page if they do not use the Secure Access Module.
This sub-feature is not available in all regions.
Forward selected outbound web traffic through provisioned static IP addresses originating from a chosen location.
Disable Access Protection
Generate an access key to allow users to temporarily disable the Internet Access service on the Secure Access Module and visit the internet without control by secure access rules.
  1. Click the calendar icon to select an expiration time or date, provide a description, and click Generate Access Key.
  2. Provide the access key to the requesting users.
Access keys with the same expiration time/date are identical.
To revoke and delete an access key, click the icon (delete-connector.jpg). Revoking and deleting an access key removes it from Trend Vision One. Any active endpoints using the token automatically re-enable the Internet Access service within a few minutes.
Configuration Backup and Restoration
Create backups of your Internet Access service configurations and restore created backups as necessary. Data backed up includes:
  • Internet Access rules
  • Secure access resources in use by Internet Access rules
  • PAC files
  • HTTPS inspection rules and exceptions
  • Allow and deny list configurations
  • Safe search settings
  • Internet Access-related custom notification settings
You may save up to 10 configuration backups. During the backup creation and restoration process, you may not make any changes to configurations, settings, or resources.