Attack Surface Risk Management periodically updates the risk algorithm to provide customers with a more accurate, timely, and actionable Risk Index.

The Attack Surface Risk Management team of threat experts continually strives to improve the Risk Index algorithm to keep up with the evolving threat landscape. Updating risk detection algorithms is a common best practice in the cybersecurity industry. Algorithm updates are applied to all clients, but do not affect past risk event scores.
When conducting an algorithm update, Trend Micro threat experts may refine the algorithm to reduce unnecessary score fluctuations caused by relatively insignificant events, or optimize the algorithm by adjusting the relative importance of the following risk type categories:
  • Attack detections
  • Exposure risks
  • Security configuration risks
Algorithm updates can cause your Risk Index score to increase sharply. Although sudden increases in the Risk Index can indicate an ongoing cyberattack, any sudden increase that coincides directly with an algorithm update was most likely caused by the algorithm update.
Update History: